More and more space available

The new vertical expansion containment system allows storage of up to 10 pipes with a nominal diameter of 100 mm or less.
Thanks to the support system studied it is possible to extract and store the individual pipes in a simple way, without interfering with the rest of the transported equipment.
Additional spaces have also been designed for the customer ideal for the storage of various types of equipment he needs to carry out his activities.

More and more space available
More and more space available
Innovative lateral reel
Innovative lateral reel
Innovative lateral reel
Innovative lateral reel

Our innovative lateral reel system can be removable and adjustable to facilitate the use of the duct in all directions, regardless of the positioning of the truck with respect to the point of use.
Both the tape and the driver operate electronically, allowing numerous advantages, including:
- automatic winding and unfolding of the pipe
- the possibility of self-regulating the winding steps according to the different pipe diameters applicable
- electronic counting of the extracted pipe length
- the possibility to vary the winding and unfolding speed with chronometric precision.

Subframe structure in stainless steel

On each vehicle we build a subframe structure entirely in stainless steel, as an additional guarantee of reliability and quality

Subframe structure in stainless steel
Monitoring and remote control

The whole system is managed electronically, with the possibility to record the powers employed and the types of work done.
The set of collected data is also transmissible to the operating center, thus being searchable in real time and also adjustable remotely with feedback information.

Management of the commands

Simple and intuitive interface, both on-board and remote control.
We have studied pre-packaged logic of operation of the machine, which allow to carry out a various number of different activities.
They are also adaptable to the needs of the customer, who can modify them according to the needs found during the use and adjust the operation of the machine comfortably remotely and in real time.

Energetic saving up to 50%

The technologies of excellence adopted ensure a drastic reduction of costs and pollution.
The use of electrical equipment with electronic management allows the possibility to reduce consumption and power used according to the real needs of use, not having to constantly use the machines at maximum capacity, making them bypass themselves

High water loading capacity

The study of the volumes of tanks and bins allows a high capacity of water loading never seen before on the market, on vehicles of this size.
Moreover the positioning of these large volumes, and therefore the weights involved, is designed to optimize the distribution of loads on the truck.

Approved Industria 4.0
Approved Industria 4.0

Thanks to the constant investment in research and development, our vehicles and equipment are fully within the parameters of the “Piano nazionale Industria 4.0”, which, in addition to providing numerous benefits in terms of flexibility, speed, productivity, etc…, thanks to the tax reductions provided by the legislation allows a considerable economic savings for our customers.
In our company system, in fact, the connection of machines, men and information allows to improve performance and reduce waste, including energy.
Contact us and ask for more information: we can calculate your savings together!

Collaboration with international polytechnics

Following an agreement with the university, our company avails itself of the collaboration of luminaries professors of international polytechnics.
The continuous search for brilliant and competent human resources allows us to implement daily our know-how, to ensure products of absolute excellence

Certifications and delivery times

Thanks to the efficiency and maximum organization of our team we can guarantee the delivery of a turnkey vehicle in a fast time

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